Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Avengers – End Game Review

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By Zakariya Jourane

Avengers: Endgame is a movie that has been hyped since the release of
Avengers: Infinity War. Many people have been anticipating its debut, with the Muslim youth in this community and nearby ones booked an entire theater room to watch it. This movie is the conclusion to the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the climax to 10 years’ worth of Marvel movies and world building. Needless to say, it had much to deliver on, especially after the high bar set by Avengers: Infinity War—and it delivered.

In contrast to Infinity War, this movie was more focused on an aftermath of
certain events and a smaller cast of characters rather than a build up to certain events and a larger cast of characters. Without spoiling too much, Infinity War faced the heroes with a major defeat and Endgame depicts them recovering from said defeat. It is an interesting concept as the audience is used to seeing the Avengers winning. Endgame shows the audience how the Avengers react to defeat and learn from failure.

Endgame has many high points including great character development,
incredible visuals, hilarious comedy, amazing action sequences, fanservice for fans of the movies and comics alike, and touching emotional scenes. It all builds up to a perfect finale that leaves the audience wondering where the Marvel movies will go from there. The movie is not perfect, however, and has a few downsides worth mentioning. A few characters did not receive much time to shine in comparison to others. There are even some inconsistencies between Infinity War and Endgame. These are minor complaints when compared to the massive positives featured in
the movie, though.

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