Rodwaan Saleh’s Inspiring Campaign

Our very own Rodwaan Saleh recently ran an exciting and inspiring campaign for Irving City Council Place 2.

Place 2 of the city council is an at-large seat, which means that it represents the whole city. Therefore, all voters in the city can vote for the seat. The Muslim community of Irving showed up in large numbers to vote, but unfortunately it was not enough to help Rodwaan secure a win.

Incumbent Allan Meagher, who has held several seats in Irving’s political system, came out with the win. He has been involved in city council since 2004.

Rodwaan, a 10 year Irving resident, has always been an inspiring individual in the community. Many people commented on the respectful way Rodwaan conducted himself in events with the other candidates.

Rodwaan’s campaign may not have ended in a seat on the council, but it was a victory for the community. It showed us ow mobilized we can be and paved a way for future campaigns.

“Getting involved in local politics is a journey and we as a community have just started it,” says Br. Yasir Arafat, who was part of Rodwaan’s campaign team. “Our community is emerging as a main-stream, politically active community and it will have extremely positive impacts in the long term inshaAllah.”

It was heartwarming to see the show of support for Rodwaan’s campaign. From the youth to the elderly, Muslims of the community headed to the polling stations to cast their votes. Dedicated volunteers such as Br. Yasir, Br. Kamal, Br. Raed, Br. Enayet, Br. Abdulkhabir, and many others were active in spreading the word.

Br. Kamal takes photo with youth voters.

Rodwaan may run again next year, and we hope the best for his future endeavors!

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