Vote To Ban Liquor Sales Narrowly Loses

An initiative to ban the legal sale of alcohol in the city of Irving recently suffered a narrow loss. The Muslim community mobilized their voters to make a difference, but ultimately the vote passed by less than 51 percent. The difference was only 122 votes.

Local Muslim leaders involved in politics have been working hard to register voters in the community so we can make our voice heard. Muslims make up a decent proportion of the population and we must use our votes to make a difference.

The initiative to ban alcohol came about due to a petition filed by a special interest group with the city of Irving to place the proposition on the ballot. The interested group fulfilled the required amount of signatures, which was 10,000, and the proposition was placed on the ballot.

Such a narrow loss definitely hurts, but coming this close definitely shows that the Muslim community’s vote means something. Volunteers such as Sr. Delhi have worked hard to raise awareness about the importance of being involved in voting.

“The Irving Muslim community’s voting numbers have increased dramatically over the past 5 years, as has voter turnout,” says Sr. Delhi. “We need to work to improve our ‘Get Out The Vote’ efforts, in addition to getting more Muslims registered to vote.”

In the future, registering a few more active voters may make the difference and allow us to protect our communities from the harm that liquor sales bring.

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