Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

VRIC Completes Expansion

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“It’s not a dream coming true, it’s a vision becoming a reality.” Shaykh Yaser Birjas spoke these words as he addressed a massive crowd at the grand opening of the new Valley Ranch Masjid. The Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC) community has long awaited an expansion, a project which started back in January, 2015.

The cost of the project increased dramatically from the expected 2 million to almost 6.5 million. The Valley Ranch community pulled through the struggles, and fortunately were able to get the facility ready just in time for Ramadan.

“Our previous facility was located within the old Valley Ranch Library building, and while it was wonderful to have, the community quickly outgrew it,” explains Sr. Zeba Khan, member of the board at VRIC. “The new facility allows us to have not only more space, but more flexibility with how we allocate it.”

On the day of the grand opening, Muslims from communities all over DFW attended and showed their support. “We expected many people to show up but not this much, it’s overwhelming the show of support,” says Imam Yaser. “If anything we learned from this, it’s that there is so much khair in our community Alhamdulillah.”

Visitors had to wait in line just to enter and see the beautiful musullah. Once in, the striking bright blue carpets immediately catch the eye. The main feature is the white dome which allows sunlight to filter through, making the area bright and natural. The women’s area is situated behind the men’s area, in a traditional format similar to how it used to be in the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) time.

The new facility also features a full-time kid care room, a mother & baby lounge, and multiple family and wheel-chair accessible bathrooms.

As visitors said Salaam to their friends and took pictures with Imam Yaser and Shaykh Omar Suleiman, I saw many longtime members of the community become emotional as they witnessed the scene before them. It was a dream come true for many.

“Being here for 10 years, seeing what the struggles were from the beginning, and finally getting here and seeing the product of all of it, it’s just an amazing feeling Alhamdulillah,” says Sabur Khan, a brother who grew up in the community and has been very active over the years. “It just shows you that all the work and effort that people put in, it counts for something,” he continues.

The future is bright for the Valley Ranch community, and the youth are very excited. “It’s crazy seeing VRIC go from a few small rooms to such a beautiful masjid,” says Yassir Mirza, a local youth. “There’s nothing better than the VRIC community.” .

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