Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Masjid Basketball Tournament Goes Viral

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By Hamza Saraswat

The annual summer basketball tournament held by ICI is something that the youth look forward to year round. While there is one held during the winter, it is smaller and not as many people sign up. 

For this summer’s tournament, competition came from all over the metroplex, with teams from East Plano, North Arlington and Carrollton all making the trek out to Irving to prove that they are the best. 

The format was pretty simple. There were four divisions of four teams. Each team would play the other three teams in there division and the top two teams from each division would then advance to the playoffs. In the playoffs if a team loses they are out, simple as that. If teams in the same division had the same record, tha tiet would be settled by point differential. 

The games in the tournament were action packed to say the least. One team had multiple players who could dunk and they threw beautiful alley-oops to wow the crowd. However the team that stole the show was Swish Kabobs. Although they didn’t win the finals, Siddiq Canty a player on the team popped off in a game against the Warriors. He threw down multiple dunks which caused the crowd to erupt and storm the court. In the end however the Mavs won the finals and took home gold. 

Siddiq Canty dunks on Ali Khawaja.

While the 18+ tournament was popping the 16 and under games did not disappoint. Mahdi Tartir crossed up an opposing player and drained the three again causing the crowd to storm the court. With the help of social media the video went somewhat viral appearing on the House of Highlights twitter page which has over 100,000 followers. 

The clip that went viral on social media. (Sent by Mahdi Tartir)

This year’s tournament was the best organized one in a long time with a team led by Ghedi Mohamed. Hopefully this event will continue to bring the youth of the community together and bring people to the masjid.   

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