Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

Irving Masjid Revamps Multi-purpose Hall Flooring

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By Zakariya Jourane and Bilal Nouiouat

On Saturday September 20, community members, children, and youth came together to celebrate the completion of the wood flooring, the final stage of the Multipurpose Hall construction. The grand opening ceremony began with a Quran recitation and remarks from Imam Kashif. Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer was in attendance, congratulating the community on their new facility. 

The multipurpose hall was revamped with classy, polished, wooden floors that make it easier to play sports on. Not only was the wood flooring installed, but  boundaries were also painted for all different sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, and even a running track.

 In addition to this, scoreboards were added for the purpose of resembling a professional setting in the event of ICI hosting tournaments in the future. 

This is a significant milestone for the Irving community as the multipurpose hall’s upgrade promises a more distinguished venue for events and services. The redesign is not only important to the broader community, but also to the youth who frequent the masjid. The previous flooring was not fully adequate for playing sports. 

Going forward, we hope that everyone who sets foot in the multipurpose hall respects the effort put into making it possible in the first place by keeping the area clean and uncluttered.

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