The Peace Plan and its Players

By Abdur-Rahman Sohail

Once upon a time, during an anti-colonial Republican era, the Arab cause was fiercely led by Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Tripoli, and Algiers. Since this era, many covert wars, proxy wars, and hybrid wars have changed the look of the region. 1967 and 1973 are long gone, and so are the “borders” of Palestine. Endless martyrs have fallen and Palestine, on colonialist-sanctioned maps, has been reduced to metaphorical island nuggets in the sea of the Israeli entity. Commonly repeated, the cliche that Israel is surrounded by enemies- though once true, it has long become a false and antiquated statement. Egypt may have gotten the Sinai back, but Camp David and neoliberalism destroyed both Egypt’s prestige and the standard of living of its citizenry. Contrary to popular belief, the “democratic” government which succeeded the client regime of Mubarak, pledged to uphold Camp David and even flooded tunnels to Gaza with sewage. The democratically elected President also sent warm regards to his Israeli counterpart on his own accord, speaking of his hopes to kindle the historic relationship. The Hashemite monarchy of Jordan has officially normalized with Israel for almost 3 decades; covert cooperation existed for far longer. The Baghdad-pact of pro-Western nations, among which Jordan was a leader, worked strongly to subvert the tide of Nasserism and even worked with the Mossad (Black September was one such example). The backwards monarchies of the Gulf (GCC+Qatar), have accepted the American-proposed peace plan. Not to mention, they have shared common enemies with Israel since the heydey of Arab Nationalism. They collaborated in Yemen in the 1960s, they cooperate in Yemen today, they colluded in Syria since 2011, and they continue to conspire against a shared Iranian “threat”.

The imperialist failure in Iraq, symbolized by Iraq’s strong lean towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, has led the Iraqi nation to reject the American plan. Along with Iraq is the Yemeni Government of National Salvation, which has bravely resisted the barbaric war imposed upon it, against all odds. Not too long ago, Ghannouchi from Ennahda in Tunisia, was involved in closed door (failed) attempts to normalize with the occupying entity. The Republic of Syria, which has been bombed by the IAF on a few hundred occasions since 2011, rejects the plan for obvious reasons. Syria was the headquarters of a number of Palestinian factions and remained a key trainer and benefactor of Palestinian fedayeen. While the Turkish AKP maintains rhetoric to please its international supporters, after every public relations spectacle and apparent roadblocks in diplomatic relations, relations are quietly amended and trade spikes. Not to mention, Turkish company Aselsan (with direct ties to the President, armed forces, and AKP) is directly partnered with Israeli company Instro Elbit (producer of drones and target acquisition equipment). The shouting fests of Netanyahu and his Turkish counterpart have largely been beneficial public relations spectacles. However, Turkey’s recent alienation from its traditional NATO allies and contacts with Iran may change this. Algeria, with its proud and shining anti-colonial history and close connection to the Palestininan cause also rejected the GCC-endorsed “Peace Plan”.

This brings into question the role of the OIC and the position of the greater Muslim world. Officially, their stance on Palestine laughably accepts the partition of Jerusalem, recognizing “East Jerusalem” as the capital of Palestine. The impossibility of the two-state solution is greater than ever before; no nation can exist in-contiguously, broken into multiple pieces, and with half of its lawful population living outside of its borders. This is especially impossible when the second entity is a militant-expansionist, colonizing state with international backing and great military might. As a late leader once said, “Both Abu Mazen and the Israelis are stupid. [For the PA] to call for a return to the ‘67 borders would be to ignore all the martyrs before 1967 and all the refugees since the Nakba!” The Palestinians are currently experiencing the two-state solution- an uncontrollable, occupying entity continuing to burn olive patches, bulldoze villages, and build settlements over them. Whether they are militant settlers or “progressive” kibbutz (like one Bernie Sanders lived on), they are all illegal theft. The two-state solution IS the supremacy and full discretion of the Israeli entity. The road to “peace” does not begin with plans written by partial third-parties (second-party would be more fitting). The righting of wrongs begins with Al-Awda, or the right of return- of all exiled sons and daughters of Palestine who have been dispersed across this earth. 

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