Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Khabib Prepares for His Biggest Test Yet

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By Hamza Saraswat & Badees Nouiouat

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the most dominant fighters to ever grace the sport of MMA. With an unheard of record of 28 wins and 0 losses, he is the current UFC lightweight Champion and has shown no sign of slowing down. But what has attracted the Ummah to Khabib isn’t his record or way of fighting, it is the fact that he is a practicing Muslim. He isn’t afraid to represent the faith he firmly believes in and openly shows it. From his humble demeanor and very real personality Khabib has represented his deen in a way that makes muslim around the world proud. 

Khabib poses with his shirt from Ihsan Company.

On April 18 his undefeated record will be tested by his greatest challenge yet. His opponent, Tony Ferguson, is an amazing fighter and the former interim-lightweight champion. He holds a record of 25 wins and 3 losses and is currently on a 12 fight win streak. Ferguson has a very unorthodox style of fighting using elbows, spins and trips to best his opponent. And his ability to defend and attack when taken down will be his strongest assist against Khabib who is one of the best wrestlers the sport has ever seen. Both are tough as nails and are easily the two best fighters in the division. 

Many fight fans are excited for this fight of the year candidate but, there is one problem. This is the fifth time the fight has been booked. Throughout both of their careers Khabib and Tony have been scheduled to fight multiple times but for some reason or another one of them has had to pull out. For example in 2018 the two were set to fight for the then vacant lightweight belt, but Ferguson tore his ACL in a freak accident during a press conference and was sidelined for months. Before that Khabib had to pull out because of the toil his weight cut took on his body. So without the guarantee that the fight will take place, all fight fans can do is hope and pray. Hopefully the fight will happen and one of the most potentially exciting matchups of the year will get to live up to the hype.  

At the recent press conference on March 6, Khabib and Tony got into a heated debate when Tony suggested Khabib would not be good at street-fighting. “You’ve never fought in the streets. I’m from Russia. I can eat you.” Khabib replied.

Khabib has impressively kept his cool in the past, but he seemed visibly agitated by Tony’s insults and remarks. Look for Khabib to take motivation from the exchange in his training up to the fight. 

Watch the official UFC trailer for “The Most Anticipated Fight in UFC History” using the following link: 

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