Irving Muslim Community Steps Up During Coronavirus Crisis

By Badees Nouiouat

Irving, Texas – March 26, 2020

With hundreds of people in Dallas County having contracted the novel coronavirus, Dallas County Judge ordered a “shelter-in-place” on Sunday March 22nd. Over the past week, Dallas’ many residents have emptied out grocery stores, stockpiling things like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

Some members of the community have faced challenges adapting to the change. Elderly people face the highest risk of hospitalization and death due to the virus, and going to these busy grocery stores can be a serious health risk. That’s why local Muslim organizations have stepped up to provide support and grocery delivery services to the most vulnerable. 

Irving Masjid, Valley Ranch Masjid, and ICNA Relief have all pioneered initiatives to provide doorstep grocery delivery, monetary assistance, and other emergency assistance. 

Irving Masjid has assembled an emergency response team that takes calls from the community and provides quick relief and assistance to the needy. They are also planning to launch tele-health efforts through their existing free medical clinic.

ICNA is taking volunteers and donations for their assistance efforts in Irving and Valley Ranch. They have also committed to keeping their food pantries open nationwide. To join the volunteer team, join their Whatsapp group here:

Valley Ranch Masjid has partnered with Maruf Dallas to provide emergency financial assistance and food supplies to local families in need.

Local imams and scholars are also ramping up efforts to continue lectures and classes online while the masajid are closed. 

Imam Omar Suleiman has been live-streaming lectures on Fridays at 1pm CST, though he makes it clear that it does not count as your jumuah. VRIC is hosting a variety of events online, from Sisters’ Tea Time to Nightly Reflections with Yaser Birjas. See all their events here:

Imam Kashif, Mufti Muntasir, Ustadh Yusuf, and Shaykh Saeed of ICI are continuously posting lectures on ICI’s Facebook page and YouTube account. ICI has also recently published a weekly schedule of lectures which you can find here:

The quick response by leaders of the Irving Muslim community is impressive and crucial during these turbulent times. Please don’t forget to support your masajid which are still incurring expenses but are not collecting donations physically while they are closed.

If you’ve been a part of volunteering efforts in your community, or if you’ve been on the receiving end of kindness and generosity, please share your uplifting stories with us to publish on our social media!

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