Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Irving Muslims Organize Peaceful Protest

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A peaceful protest drew several hundred protesters near Irving City Hall today.

Several organizers of the event were members of the Irving Muslim community. 

The protest began at 6:30 PM, and wrapped up around 8:30. 

The crowd was comprised of a very diverse group of African Americans, Hispanics, Whites, and Muslims of all ethnicities.

Slogans such as “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe” were shouted and displayed on signs. Many signs also included Ayaat and Hadith relating to speaking up against oppression. 

Organizers led people to take a knee with their fists in the air. After several minutes, and people’s knees and arms getting sore, they announced that it had been 8 minutes, the same amount of time that George Floyd endured a knee pressed on his neck.

After walking from the South Irving Library to the parking lot of Irving City Hall, protesters stopped and listened to speakers including Shaykh Saeed Purcell, Br. Mohamoud Egal, Pastor Dennis Webb, and a few others.

“Let me explain why this is personal to me,” Shaykh Saeed began. “I was the imam at the masjid located in the basement of the corner store outside of which George Floyd was viciously murdered. My bi-racial children have walked those streets for years.”

Shaykh Saeed’s personal message reverberated through the crowd and resonated with many people.

Abrar Hadder, an Irving Muslim resident, said she felt it was her duty to take action against the continuous injustice happening to African Americans in this country.

“It has made me rethink the privileges I have and how I can use them to bring good,” she said. “We must as Muslims understand why any form of racism is wrong and we must stand against it if we hear it in our homes or Masjids.”

Similar protests and riots have swept the nation in recent days upon the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Although violence has sparked at some of these events, the motives behind such violence are unclear. White supremacist groups and undercover police have been known to stir violence at such events.

Many peaceful protests were held across the country in cities large and small, with some garnering tens of thousands of participants.

Some protesters feared the Irving protest would go wrong as many had in other locations. Thankfully, the protest was held with no incident.

Irving police were on the scene but did not interfere with the protesters. 

Many other protests have been held in the DFW metroplex and there are more scheduled in the future. 

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